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The Art and Science of CSS - pdf

The Art and Science of CSSBook Description
CSS-based design doesn’t need to be boring. “The Art & Science of CSS” brings together a talented collection of designers who will show you how to take the building blocks of your web site’s design (such as headings, navigation, forms, and more) and bring them to life with fully standards-compliant CSS.This full color book helps you to design web sites that not only work well across all browsers, are easy to maintain, and are highly accessible, but are also visually stunning.

Create truly attention-grabbing headings. Discover multiple ways to present images effectively. Use background images to give your site zest. Build usable and attractive navigation. Design forms that are stylish and functional. Learn how to break away from the square box gclich. Create funky tables. And lots more

Jonathan Snook, Steve Smith, Jina Bolton, Cameron Adams, and David Johnson, five of the biggest names in CSS design have joined forces to bring you The Art & Science Of CSS. Beautifully presented in full color, this book will teach you how to apply innovative CSS-based techniques to create visually stunning headings, forms, menus, navigation, backgrounds, and much more… Using The Art & Science Of CSS, you’ll see just how easy it is to unleash your creative talents and design inspirational web sites with CSS. All designs in this book are visually appealing and inspiring. The CSS code used to create each of the components is included and guaranteed to be simple, efficient and cross-browser compatible. Among its many treasures, this book will show you how to: Format calendars, menus and table of contents using CSS Create horizontal, vertical and tab-based navigation systemsusing CSS Create rounded corners using CSS Design stylish Website headings Put together funky & artistic Website backgrounds Use CSS to render blockquotes, dates and lists in a visually appealing manner All designs in this book are visually appealing and inspiring. The code CSS code used to create each of the components is provided and is “guaranteed to be simple, efficient and cross-browser compatible.”

Who Should Read This Book?
This book is ideal for anyone who wants to gain the practical skills involved in using CSS to make attractive web sites, especially if you’re not the type who likes to learn by memorizing a formal specification and then trying to work out which browsers implemented it completely (does anyone enjoy reading specifications?). The only knowledge you’ll need to have is some familiarity with HTML. This book will give designers the skills they need to implement their ideas, and provides developers with creative inspiration through practical examples.

About the Author
Cameron has a degree in law and one in science; naturally he chose a career in Web development. When pressed, he labels himself a “Web Technologist” because he likes to have a hand in graphic design, JavaScript, CSS, Perl (yes, Perl), and anything else that takes his fancy that morning. While running his own business ( he’s consulted and worked for government departments, nonprofit organisations, large corporations and tiny startups.
As well as helping his list of clients, Cameron has taught numerous workshops around the country and spoken at conferences worldwide, such as @Media and Web Essentials. He has also written a book &emdash; The JavaScript Anthology &emdash; which is one of the most complete question and answer resources on modern JavaScript techniques.

For 25 years, author Steve Smith has been immersed in promotional marketing as Vice President, Creative Director with some of the largest integrated agencies, serving Fortune 500 brands like Coke, Pepsi, 3M, Burger King, Kraft, Bell South, Frito-Lay and more. He founded Creative Marketing Services, a consulting and creative firm, serving major agencies and brands, as well as small businesses competing with big budgets.Many consider co-author Don E. Schultz the foremost authority on promotional and integrated marketing. He is credited for turning “sales promotion” into the sophisticated, strategic marketing discipline it is today. Schultz is a professor of Integrated Marketing Communication at Northwestern University; president of Agora, Inc., a marketing consulting firm; and the author of 13 books including “Essentials of Sales Promotion”.

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  • Paperback: 224 pages
  • Publisher: SitePoint; 1 edition (March 9, 2007)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0975841971
  • ISBN-13: 978-0975841976
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