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Emerging Business Online: Global Markets and the Power of B2B Internet Marketing - pdf

Emerging Business Online: Global Markets and the Power of B2B Internet Marketing Book Description
This book introduces ebocube ("Emerging Business Online"), a comprehensive, proven framework for Internet B2B marketing in emerging markets. Step by step, discover how to use ebocube to integrate all stages of marketing and sales, reduce risks, focus on better opportunities, and create significant new value in today's fastest-growing markets.

A Practical, Start-to-Finish Blueprint for Internet-Based B2B Marketing in Emerging Markets

  • Discover ebocube: the low-risk, high-reward business model for reaching and penetrating fast-growing B2B markets
  • Integrate planning, strategy, metrics, branding,online/offline media, distribution, budgeting, marketing operations, and more
  • Learn from the experiences of Cisco and other global leaders

B2B marketers increasingly recognize the crucial importance of emerging markets and the potential of the Internet and information technologies in exploiting these opportunities. Now for the first time, there's a comprehensive, robust, well-defined business model for successfully marketing B2B products and services and generating value in high-growth emerging markets.

Emerging Business Online brings together powerful lessons and techniques that are being applied successfully by Cisco and other global leaders. Lara Fawzy and Lucas Dworski reveal how to get ahead of competitors in emerging markets…mitigate risks in high-risk environments…measure emerging market sales and marketing performance accurately…set priorities and budgets…run effective campaigns and marketing operations…get results!

This book introduces ebocube ("emerging business online") a comprehensive, proven business model. The ebocube model demonstrates how to implement a low-risk Internet B2B marketing strategy in emerging markets. Learn how to apply ebocube to integrate all stages of the marketing process, penetrate today's fastest growing markets, and create significant new value.

The authors begin with an up-to-the minute introduction to emerging markets: their economic potential, politics, languages, cultures, Internet/mobile penetration, and more. Next, they identify emerging market best practices for segmentation, distribution, branding, and collaboration.

Building on this foundation, they introduce all three phases of the ebocube business model. You'll learn how to establish metrics and a dashboard to stay on track through the entire commercial cycle; organize and budget; manage localized campaigns, contact data, and marketing operations; create the optimal offline/online media mix; and much more.

Don't struggle with trial-and-error approaches to B2B marketing in emerging markets. Begin with a blueprint that works: ebocube.

  • B2B marketing by the dashboard light
    Track and measure the right data the right way, transform it into intelligence, and then use it to improve
  • Managing customer relationships throughout the commercial cycle
    Plan your contact strategy and localized campaigns and acquire and retain high-value, loyal customers
  • Integrating the elements of marketing communication
    Optimize your marketing investment by integrating powerful media channels to reach new markets
  • Implementing marketing operations best practices for emerging markets
    Optimize what matters: structure, budgeting, campaigns, reporting, tools, infrastructure, and more

About the Author
Lara Fawzy is currently an Online Campaign Marketing Manager, for Cisco's African region (based in Cairo, Egypt). Lara is also Director and founder of her own firm, ebocube, and conducts online marketing training in the African region. She has worked for Cisco Systems in various roles, including online customer relationship marketing for emerging markets (based in the UK). In this role, she worked closely with local marketing teams, sales teams, and agencies across emerging markets. She also created and executed online marketing campaigns using complex data segmentation and tracked and reported on campaigns through advanced customer relationship management tools.

As a Marketing Operations Manager with Cisco in Cairo, she worked closely with the African and Gulf marketing teams, strengthening her experience and knowledge of emerging markets. Previously, Lara worked for O2, Telefonica, as a Campaign Manager, launching the high-profile Apple iPhone 3G in the UK business market and helping to redesign the company website.

Lara is a qualified Chartered Marketer. She graduated from University of London, Royal Holloway, School of Management, with a Management BSc, specializing in marketing. Her degree was largely based on Harvard research; she studied management models and theories by leading management and marketing gurus such as Michael Porter, Philip Kotler, and Peter Drucker.

Lucas Dworski is originally from Poland, Central Eastern Europe. He has more than a decade's experience in marketing, including international marketing. Lucas has worked and lived in Germany, the UK, Netherlands, and Poland. He's passionate about global marketing, particularly in emerging markets. Lucas's experience is specialized in customer relationship management and complex online localized international campaigns.

Lucas has worked and consulted for global international American corporations such as Cisco and Computer Associates CA, as well as many smaller companies. Lucas has experience in campaign management and campaign execution for a wide number of countries (more than 130) in emerging markets. He has executed campaigns that have been fully measurable, trackable, and localized for local market needs. Lucas also has in-depth experience in database management, having worked in customer relationship management for several years.

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