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Coach Yourself to Wealth: Live the Life You Want

Coach Yourself to Wealth: Live the Life You Want

224 pages | Allen & Unwin | English | ISBN-10: 1741143659 | PDF

Based on the premise that anyone can become wealthy, this self-help book offers step-by-step guidance along the road to financial freedom, providing the knowledge, skills, and support to build a successful financial future. Practical advice from authors who are experts in their fields provides solid information for people from all walks of life—from those who already have some wealth to those who need help developing wealth. Using the principles in this book, those looking for financial freedom can understand the fundamentals of wealth-creation and apply them to their own circumstances. Practical and hands-on, this guide provides useful prompts and exercises in every chapter.

About the Author
Martin Hawes is a bestselling author and presenter. Joan Baker is a business consultant. They both provide individual coaching to help clients gain wealth.