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Ebook Download : Communications Receivers

Ebook Download : Communications Receivers

Communications Receiversn
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional
ISBN: 0071361219 | Pages: 656 | PDF | 5,93 MB
The latest in DSP, cellular, and software radio design

From reception basics to cutting-edge software radio design, Communications Receivers, Third Edition brings you a storehouse of task-simplifying and task-clarifying information, examples, and tips. Written by well-known experts Ulrich Rohde, Jerry Whitaker, and Andrew Bateman, this guide covers everything from front end systems to frequency generators and controllers. Topics are thoroughly illuminated for you with hundreds of illustrations, diagrams, and mathematical equations.

You'll learn the principles and practices involved in receivers and receiver systems, antennas and antenna coupling, amplifiers and gain control, mixers, frequency, oscillators, demodulation and demodulators, digital signal processing, and much more. Discover for yourself why this resource has been prized through two editions by professionals and hobbyists for its ready-to-use insights on the theory and design of all types of communications receivers -- including shortwave, military, broadcast, and direction-finding.

This newly revised edition features:
  • Advances in DSP, cellular, and software radio design
  • Details on designing, operating, specifying, installing, and maintaining every kind of receiver in common use
  • Specific design approaches, circuit examples, and component specs
  • Help with microprocessors and logic devices
  • Coverage of important pulse and data operating modes
  • More than 250 illustrations and diagrams
  • Handy reference material in tables, charts, and figures
  • More!