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Chemistry (4th Edition)

Chemistry (4th Edition)

Chemistry (4th Edition)
Publisher: Prentice Hall; 4th edition | ISBN: 0131402080 | 2003 | PDF | 1328 pages | 77MB

F full-year general chemistry courses taken by biology premedical science and engineering majs. McMurry/Fay's Chemistry focuses on visualizing and thinking to achieve try understanding. The text teaches the basics of solving problems using its trademark clear discussions and new art-enhanced fmat. The text moves students beyond rote quantitative problem solving encouraging them to visualize and think about a problem befe beginning to solve it; it conveys the key concepts being discussed to help students truly understand the chemistry by using unique proven features. The clean interesting writing style talks directly to students with a minimum of distractions. Molecular illustrations are abundant and are placed where they are referenced f maximum effectiveness with students. The well-integrated McMurry/Fay media program includes the IRCD PH GradeAssist a CW/CD suite and me.

About this Book
Our primary goal in writing this book has been to fashion a clear coherent narrative. We write to explain to students today the way we wish chemistry had been explained to us when we were students.

Beginning with atomic structure proceeding next to bonding and molecules ties of substances and ending with a study of chemical properties we have told a cohesive sty about chemistry. Transitions between topics are smooth explanations are lucid and tie-ins to earlier material are frequent. Every attempt has been made to explain chemistry in a visual intuitive way so that it can be understood by those who give it an honest efft.

Insofar as possible distractions within the text are minimized. Each chapter is broken into numerous sections to provide frequent breathers and each section has a consistent fmat. Sections generally begin with an explanation of their subject move to a Wked Example problem that shows how to wk with the material and end with one me Problems f the reader to wk through. Each chapter ends with a brief Interlude that describes an interesting application extension of the chapter subject.

About the Fourth Edition
In preparing this fourth edition we have again rewked the entire book at the sentence level to make it as easy as possible f a reader to understand and learn chemistry. Among the many changes and improvements much art has been redrawn to show molecular views of chemical processes many new molecular models have been added and numerous electrostatic potential maps have been included to show the polarity patterns in molecules.

Problems and problem solving have also received a great deal of attention in this 4th edition. The use of visual non-numerical "Key Concept" problems has been expanded. The number of these problems which test an understanding of the material rather than the ability to put numbers into a fmula has increased and Wked Key Concept Examples have been included in each chapter to show how to approach these problems. Don't make the mistake of thinking that these Key Concept problems are simple just because they don't have numbers. Many are real challenges that will test the ability of any student.

Among other changes to the problems the Wked Examples found at the end of text sections have been rewritten to begin with a Strategy discussion that shows how to approach the problem and many now end with a Ballpark Check to make sure the calculated answer makes sense. Finally we have added a substantial number of challenging new end-of-chapter problems that should prove thought-provoking to even the best students.

We hope that this new edition will meet the goals we have set f it and that students will find it to be friendly accessible and above all effective in teaching chemistry.

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