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Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management: A Methodology for Achieving Strategic Objectives by Gregory Monahan
Wiley | 2008 | ISBN: 0470372338 | Pages: 180 | PDF | 12 MB

This book provides a methodology for effective enterprise risk management.A Through the use of this methodology, companies will be more successful in achieving strategic objectives.A This book prescribes a process for measurement of risk associated with the achievement of strategic objectives.A It also covers some of the aspects of managing risk.A The tentative contents is:

(1) Defining Enterprise Risk Management,
(2) Strategic Objectives,
(3) The At Risk Concept,
(4) Strategic Objectives At Risk (SOAR) The Methodology,
(5) SOAR Process,
(6) Set Metrics for Defined Strategic Objectives,
(7) Observe Metric Values,
(8) Analyze Movements in Metrics,
(9) React to the Metric Analysis,
(10) SOAR Dashboard,
(11) Existing Enterprise Risk Management Approaches,
(12) Regulation and Compliance,
(13) Implementing the SOAR Methodology,
(14) Application of the Concept of Shifting the Distribution,
(15) SOAR Capital,

Appendix A: Summary of Objectives, Risks, Risk Drivers, and Controls,
Appendix B: SOAR Policy Template,
Appendix C: SOAR Procedures Manual, and
Appendix D: SOAR in Action.