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Game Theory at Work

Game Theory at Work

Game Theory at Work: How to Use Game Theory to Outthink and Outmaneuver Your Competition By James Miller
MG-H 2003 | 288 Pages | ISBN: 0071400206 | PDF | 12 MB

Game theory has become entrenched in today's business world. It has also often required oppressive and incomprehensible mathematics. Game Theory at Work steers around math and pedagogy to make this innovative tool accessible to a larger audience and allow all levels of business to use it to both improve decision-making skills and eliminate potentially lethal uncertainty.

This proven tool requires everyone in an organization to look at the competition, guage his or her own responses to their actions, and then establish an appropriate strategy. Game Theory at Work will help business leaders at all levels improve their overall performance in:

* Negotiating
* Decision making
* Establishing strategic alliances
* Marketing
* Positioning
* Branding
* Pricing

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Game Theory at Work