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Gigabit Ethernet Technology and Applications

Gigabit Ethernet Technology and Applications

EBook : Gigabit Ethernet Technology and Applications
EBook | Mark Norris | Pdf | 4 MB

Gigabit Ethernet delivers the speed and high bandwidth that today’s organizations demand from their local area networks. It is being chosen over other high-speed technologies because it is a flexible and cost-effective solution that can be used in a wide range of applications. This comprehensive guide gives you a clear picture of how Gigabit Ethernet works and how it can be used to support a broad range of services. You learn how Gigabit Ethernet can be used in the wide area and how it can support mobile systems.

The book also offers you a detailed understanding of how Gigabit Ethernet is used to build storage area networks, to scale up local area networks into total area networks, and to provide wireless solutions. By comparing Gigabit Ethernet to competing technologies, this guide helps you decide when Gigabit Ethernet is the right solution for your networking needs. This complete reference also provides you with a thorough treatment of the Ethernet standard and its many variants.