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The Home Security Handbook

The Home Security Handbook

The Home Security Handbook
241 pages


SBN-10: 1845280245

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Surveys have revealed that when asked what people worry most about for themselves and their family 45 per cent of them said 'CRIME'. Crime statistics certainly indicate that people have good reason to worry: A burglary takes place on average every 30 seconds in the UK. Alarming though this and other statistics may be, this book will show you how you can use them to reduce the risk of becoming a crime statistic yourself. It will teach you how to audit and review your home and lifestyle, to identify a range of vulnerabilities, threats and risks and then show you how to provide effective countermeasures to avoid the threat and reduce the risk. The countermeasures suggested are designed to be realistic, achievable at minimal cost and effort and simple enough to be introduced or implemented by the average person.